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I agree it is very nice to have open stacks but if you don't have a large
budget to replace lost or damaged materials you have to protect it some
way. Yes our professors are more careful with the materials because they
realize that if the materials are damaged and they want to have them for
future classes they better take care of them.

We allow students to use our collection in-house but they just can't take
them out and loose them or leave them in their cars in the heat and cold
and dampness which has happened in the past. Another problem with students
checking out videos/DVD's is that their machines might not be clean and if
the machine in dirty the materials will be dirty and sometimes damaged. We
are very careful here to keep our machines cleaned. Most students are very
reliable but it's the few that aren't that spoil the basket of apples.

We are a very small school with a small budget unlike larger universities
that have larger budgets.

I am still an advocate for in-house use only. We have videos on our
shelves that are 18 years old and are still as good as they were when we
bought them.

Whatever fits the school should be done. It's just not for us.

Thank you for your comments.


At 04:13 PM 2/18/2004 -0600, you wrote:
>No offense, but...
> ...our professors hit the ceiling. They want the
>materials to be available when they want them. Many times this is 15
>minutes before class...
>That's what advance booking is for. If they can't plan more than 15
>minutes in advance, they need to be flexible.
> ...Circulated materials will not last as long as non circulated
>materials. Patrons and
>students are not as careful with materials as we are...
>I'd rather wear out a video from use than spend the money but then have
>it sit on the shelf. (Do you really think faculty are any more careful
>than other patrons?)
>Yes, I'm an adovocate of open access. We also allow ILL of videos -- if
>you lend videos to us.
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