RE: [Videolib] Open stacks and circulation of video collections

Bergman, Barbara J (
Wed, 18 Feb 2004 14:03:59 -0600

We moved our collection (~6,000) to open stacks this Fall.

By all appearances, it's going great.
We get a lot of, "I didn't know you had all these great videos."
Circulation appears to be way up.
We haven't noticed a theft problem. I've been keeping an eye on the
popular DVDs that I thought might walk, but they've been okay.
The few faculty who've complained are the ones always complain...
Usually along the lines of about how the video (that they hadn't booked)
was checked out (by their own students because it's on the syllabus)
when said faculty person came in five minutes before class.

We were already circulating to all patrons, so there were no policy
changes. Booking and reserves continue as usual.

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