Re: [Videolib] re: democracy/voting in the movies

Les Moore (
Tue, 17 Feb 2004 15:22:31 -0500

>I always liked the movie "Lil Abner" in which the plot (such as it was)
involved lobbying Congress to make Dogpatch the test site for an atomic
bomb. Stubby Kaye had a song about Congress, the lyrics for which went
something like: "In Washington there's this place they got, This big
Congressional parking lot, Where they sits around on their you-know-what,
Up there they calls them their thighbones. Them bones, them bones, gonna
rise again, So dignified and so wise again, Gonna tax us up to our eyes
again, If they gets them offa their thighbones" etc. There was also a song
about cloning, "Oh Happy Day."
Leslie Moore
Hunterdon County (NJ) Library
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