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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Mother’s trove of videos claimed to be libraries’

By Sharon Coolidge
The Cincinnati Enquirer
BATAVIA - Police Sgt. Terence Burroughs was shocked when he walked into
Melissa Waybright’s home.
He saw hundreds of videos and DVDs stacked on shelves, the floor and in
“If it’s a kids’ movie,” Burroughs said, “it was in that house.”
The 24-year-old mother of three is accused of stealing between $7,000
and $10,000 worth of movies from libraries throughout Clermont and Brown
counties. Authorities say Waybright signed up for library cards under
several different names.
Burroughs said she took them for her and her three young children’s
personal use. “She wanted videos without paying for them,” said
Assistant Clermont County Prosecutor Tony Brock.
Waybright was indicted Jan. 21 on charges of receiving stolen property,
grand theft and two counts of forgery. A court hearing Wednesday was
continued. Waybright could not be reached for comment.
A disgruntled family member reported the thefts; a library officer then
called police.
“When they ran the bar codes they came up with seven names,”
Burroughs said. “Basically these people do not exist.”
Nancy Ehas, co-director of Clermont County libraries, said it’s fairly
easy to get a library card - identification must be shown, but it
doesn’t have to have a picture on it.
The movies recovered from Waybright’s home have been returned, Brock
“Every once in awhile, there is a theft from a library or a movie rental
place,” Brock said. “But, nothing near this magnitude.”
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