Re: [Videolib] Democracy/Voting in movies

Pat Shufeldt (
Wed, 11 Feb 2004 23:28:15 -0500

Another title for the list:

THE CONTENDER (Writer/director: Rod Lurie; starring Joan Allen, Gary Oldman, &
Jeff Bridges) - Story of the personal challenges faced by a Senator who becomes
the first woman vice presidential candidate, and her determination to stand on
principle in the face of immense pressure, innuendo and false stories about her
personal life.

Pat Shufeldt

John Muller wrote:

> Creative time, folks.
> We're piecing together a little list of scenes, situations, quotes, snippets
> and whatnot from motion pictures and/or documentaries that deal with
> elections, voting, and the democratic process in general.
> Some obvious choices would be from "The Candidate", "Election", "The Best
> Man", "Bullworth", "All the King's Men", "Bob Roberts", "Raye makhfi [Secret
> Ballot]", "The Last Hurrah", etc., but we can also be a little more creative
> here...

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