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"The Distinguished Gentleman"...1992 w/ Eddie Murphy


The scene from "American President" (Michael Douglas and Annette
Benning)...when the President (Douglas) wants to know if the woman
(Benning) likes her, and his advisor asks him if he should "pass her a

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Mr. Smith Goes to fave!

Also check out:

At 11:33 AM 2/11/2004, you wrote:
>Creative time, folks.
>We're piecing together a little list of scenes, situations, quotes,
>snippets and whatnot from motion pictures and/or documentaries that
>deal with elections, voting, and the democratic process in general.
>Some obvious choices would be from "The Candidate", "Election", "The
>Best Man", "Bullworth", "All the King's Men", "Bob Roberts", "Raye
>makhfi [Secret Ballot]", "The Last Hurrah", etc., but we can also be a
>little more creative here...
>The anarchist syndicate commune speech from "Monty Python and the Holy
>Grail", mob acquittal of Maximus from "Gladiator", jury counts from "12

>Angry Men", Palpatine's I love The Republic speech in "Attack of the
>Clones", McMurphy's vote to watch the World Series in "One Flew Over
>the Cuckoo's Nest", tribal council from "Survivor", from "Gangs of New
>York", Boss Tweed: "Remember the first rule of politics. The ballots
>don't make the results, the counters make the results!" etc...
>A variety of viewpoints are encouraged, even the darker vision of mob
>rule like "The Ox-Bow Incident" or the Big Brother scenario from
>Have fun with this and thanksabunch.
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