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> Subject: [Videolib] reformatting old 16mm to lend
> Does this sound okay?
> I plan on reformatting an old 10 minute 16mm film to VHS and then
> lending it to another library.
> The requesting library said they'll pay for the reformatting.
> Wayne State appears to be the only library in OCLC who owns
> a copy of the film so I don't want to lend our copy out.
> The requesting library (US Golf Assoc) is possibly interested in using
> the footage for an exhibit and said they will deal, when the time comes,
> with getting permission from the producer - Paramount.
> Diane Sybeldon
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If this is indeed owned by Paramount , DO NOT TOUCH THIS.
If the Golf Association wants the footage the NEED TO GET IT FROM PARAMOUNT.
I would never, never dub a studio copyrighted picture WITHOUT their
permission which they will NEVER give as they reserve the right to license
all material themselves
Worse case scenario is that you do this, than the Golf Assoc goes to
Paramount for permission and they tell Paramount they got the VHS from
you, Paramount flips out and sues you. This IS not a far fetched scenario
because I know of a VERY similar situation where this exact thing happened
These guys need to deal WITH PARAMOUNT and you should stay out of it.

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