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Wed, 04 Feb 2004 09:46:45 -0800


Faculty are some of our worst offenders. We fine them the same as we do
You can see all of our fines here Generally it's:
Books .25 per day
Reserves $1.00/hour
Media $1.00/day

We are more lenient with loan periods, though. Faculty get semester
long loans of books. We do recall them immediately if needed by someone
else. Media generally has the same loan period as students with the
exception of videos and dvds. We give students 3 days and faculty 7
days. It gives them more time to preview things for class.

Long ago... maybe 15 years or so, we did not fine faculty. It was very
problematic, we just couldn't get the stuff back. And of course, they
would have tons of books on one topic checked out. So, it would
decimate particular subject areas in the collection.

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> Ditto what Gary said. I love the "everybody/nobody else does it" I
> had a guy who insisted we could circulate copies of our more expensive
> titles, archive the masters, AND make him a personal copy for his
> classroom use. After all "everybody" does it, just try to get him to
> tell you which institutions are "everybody" and they clam right up!
> Lori
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> Buffy: "See, this is a school. And we have students
> and they check out books. And then they learn things."
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>>>> 01/30/04 16:54 PM >>>
> Hi, everyone -
> I haven't been on the list for ages...missed you all!
> anyways, I'm curious as to whether university
> libraries fine faculty or not....we fine faculty for
> books and at a steeper fine -videos. A faculty member
> who is abusing the very fair checkout privileges is
> complaining that "nobody fines, but us..."
> can you mail me off-list as to whether you fine, and
> how much you fine for media materials?
> And, if you don't fine, do you find that faculty
> return in a timely fashion or abuse due dates?
> Thanks,
> Rhonda Rosen
> Loyola Marymount University

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