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Lisa Irwin (
Mon, 2 Feb 2004 10:32:07 -0500

I have frequently been able to replace individual discs or VHS tapes from a set through Midwest Tapes (; however, I checked for the title "Cosmos" and they only carry the DVD box set.

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Becky, Yes, what a problem! I'm often faced with this myself. Sometimes I
can find individual discs or videotapes from a set through Baker & Taylor,
but in this case they just sell Cosmos as a set. Koch doesn't seem to sell
individual discs, but you might contact them:

Hope this helps!


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Does anyone know of a vendor who breaks down box sets of titles and sells
the individual discs or videos separately. Some lovely person broke 2 discs
in our Cosmos title, and I absolutely HATE to have to purchase the whole set
again. I have checked the usual suspects to no avail. ARGH! TIA.

Becky Tatar
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