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Mark W. Kopp (iu8film@iu08.org)
Wed, 28 Jan 2004 13:55:50 -0500

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Well Holly,

Given the ALA's criteria for the selection of a title, and I quote:

"....expand the boundaries of visual media, and artistic and technical

...then maybe you are correct, Holly...

The producer of this film did quite an extraordinary job in purposely
and effectively misleading and deceiving the viewer through a series of
fictional events ("one more" of us "right winged conservatives" would
usually refer to it as a lie), by using some very highly technical and
downright sneaky processes (some could call that artistic expression).
By splicing several different and unrelated comments, said producer has
created a very "artistic" work and based on the criteria, should be
deserving of other awards...most closely related to fiction..or even

Given the criteria, yes, this film is noteworthy...if we expend the
definition of non-feature to also include other closely related titles
such as "The Hulk"...another film as closely related to the truth as
"Bowling for Columbine"!!!

And by the way...could Mr. Hardy not also claim artistic expression with
that picture of the Rattlesnake?!


Mark W. Kopp
Right Wing Conservative...and proud of it, too!
...and lest ye forget, entitled to his opinion, just the same as Michael
Moore, David T. Hardy...and of course, Holly Sammons

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I think I'm more apt to side with the ALA than the opinions of one more
right ringed conservative NRA member who's website also included
pictures of a snake shot by 3 scientists carrying shotguns and a machine
gun! Please!!

Holly Sammons, Librarian
Onondaga County Public Library
447 So Salina St
Syracuse NY  13202

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