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Christopher Lewis (
Wed, 28 Jan 2004 14:02:53 -0500

On my end it looks like she copied her message only to you and to this
list. It's possible your system routes things automatically through the
so-called "administrator". I can't imagine she cares THAT much about your

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Please respond to

In full view of our peers, Holly, I wish to ask your reason for CC'ing
your response to "Administrator" at my organization. Was this a
subverted attempt to squelch a differing opinion?

Please note the accompanying copy of the header.


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I think I'm more apt to side with the ALA than the opinions of one more
right ringed conservative NRA member who's website also included
pictures of a snake shot by 3 scientists carrying shotguns and a machine
gun! Please!!

Holly Sammons, Librarian
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