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Tue, 27 Jan 2004 09:20:42 -0600

Chuck, we recently had to go to a new model of the Alpha products because
they discontinued the current model. ARGH! The magnet is on the base, and
after you attach the case to the magnet/machine, you slide a switch and flip
open the case. The hinge is in the middle of the top of the security case.
This is the 3rd format of Alpha cases we have had for cds, and the 2nd for
dvds. A couple of things about these new cases is that 1, they are a
little wider than the previous cases, and 2, they are 6 sided - no holes for
someone to jimmy a screwdriver through. The 2nd type of case we had for cds
was just great - slim, compact. This is ok, but wider. The DVD cases are
MUCH better. The older model we had had a hinged lid that wasn't square
with the case, and had an overhang - so it is very difficult to make them
stand upright. The new cases are completely squared off. Here are the
model numbers for them

CD single security case - AVM202B $1.75 @, one box holds 100
DVD single security case - AVM556B $2.85 @, one box holds 72
S3 Hand Key - M2HKEY $13.10

Hope this helps

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