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For Goldenseal

West Virginia Film Series in NYC

The Pioneer Theater, located in the East Village part of NYC, will be
presenting 17 films made in West Virginia by West Virginia filmmakers.
Steve Fesenmaier, Graffiti film critic and director of WVLC Film
Services 1978-99, is programming the event that will take place the last
week of March 2004, starting Wednesday, March 24 and concluding Tuesday,
Marcy 30th.

Steve explained, “ I have known Doris Kornish since she began showing
WVLC films in WV. For years she programmed Films Charas in the East
Village, one of the most creative film theaters in the city. A few years
ago she decided to build her own small theater after her lease ran out.
Now the Pioneer Theater is again one of the city’s most interesting film
theaters, presently showing Oscar-nominated films to Academy members in
the area. Their regular film schedule is the most unusual and varied of
any venue. All West Virginians can be proud that one of their own is
sponsoring this week-long celebration.”

He will introduce the series and the second film, “Correct Change” for
which he is the assistant producer.

WV filmmakers scheduled to introduce their films are Robert Gates,
Jacob Young, Doug Chadwick, B.J. Gudmundsson, Ray Schmitt, John
Nakashima, Brad Stalnaker, and Daniel Boyd. Filmmakers from outside WV
will also present their WV films – Karen Kramer will begin the series
with her 1977 film, “The Jolo Serpent Handlers,” and Robert Salyer of
Appalshop will conclude the series with his film, “Sludge” that includes
interviews with Jack Spadaro and focuses on the Martin County, KY slurry
spill. Gates will be showing “Communication from Weber”(1988), “In
Memory of the Land and People”(1977) and “Mucked”(2003). Young will be
showing “Dancing Outlaw”(1993) and “The Amazing Dolores”(1994).
Chadwick will introduce “True Facts…In A Country Song”(1979) and B.J.
Gudmundsson will present “Out of the Storm”(2000) Ray Schmitt will
present two new films, “Until I Become Light”(2003) and “The Texture of
Life.” (2004). John Nakashima will present “Mountaineer”(1993-95) and
“A. James Manchin – The Final Accounting”(1995). Daniel Boyd will
introduce “Red Salt and Reynolds”(2003) and “Smilin Sid.” (2001) Brad
Stalnaker will present his award-winning animation, “The Griffin and the
Minor Canon.” (2002) Doris Kornish, the owner of the Pioneer Theater,
is a native of McDowell County where her mother, Beth Yeager, is a
delegate to the WV Legislature. This is the first time such a WV-based
film series has taken place outside of the state. Admission for each
night will cost $9.00 and a series ticket will be sold.

Lobby music will be provided by WV musician John Bilsard - his CD
"Protect the Innocent."

For more information, contact:

Gianna Chachere
East Village Film Festival/Two Boots Pioneer
113 2nd Street
NY, NY 10009

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