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Hi Monique,
We have tried sponsoring film showings in the past, but with pretty unspectacular results. We recently asked an instructor from our Political Communication dept. to introduce and comment on a showing of John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Address. The only people who showed up were two of this instructor's students--he had offered extra credit to any students who attended.

I would love to do more programming, but am stymied as to how to attract an audience. Also, due to copywright restrictions, I feel I need to line up an instructor to discuss the material in some way, and that complicates things also.

Your independent/doc series sounds interesting, and I would really appreciate your sending me any information on it. Also, if you get the chance, and can forward any feedback you get on this subject, that would be great.
Thank you,
Maureen Tripp, Emerson College Media Services

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Hello everyone.

This is a message primarily for the academic media collection managers.

In addition to the many hats that you wear, do any of you sponsor media
related programs or collaborate with other departments on specific media
projects? Would you mind sharing any creative programs/projects that
you offer to keep media in the spotlight!

I'm starting an education film series to introduce independent and docs
not only to our librarians, but the general masses as well. I hope the
series is successful and will show people how important media is to any

Thanks in advance.

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