RE: [Videolib] "Trouble in Paradise" on DVD

Stephen Davies (
Thu, 8 Jan 2004 12:44:44 -0700

I want to echo Scott B.'s praise of "Trouble in paradise". A film
instructor of mine used to end his silent film series with this early
talkie, just to show that being tied to a microphone hadn't taken all the
inventiveness out of cinematography.
I'm glad to hear it's available on DVD from Criterion and will put in
a strong recommendation that we acquire it. Strangely the screening rights
in Canada are carried by Audio Ciné and not Criterion. Perhaps there are
two separate Criterion companies dealing in film.

A piece of trivia: Herbert Marshall needed a stunt double to run up
and down the stairs at the end of this film, because the Great War had left
him with a trick knee. The things we remember from class twenty years

Stephen Davies


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