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Jennifer Stutesman (jennifer.stutesman@wwcc.edu)
Thu, 08 Jan 2004 10:42:35 -0800

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Is anyone else on the listserve having trouble with the History
Channel's menu-less DVD+R format DVD's?? We've recently found that the
title "Comic book superheroes unmasked" DOES play on our 2 year old
Panasonic dual DVD/VHS player, but doesn't on the brand new Panasonic
triple play TV/VHS/DVD sets we've just bought. It also plays on the
media guy's Mac downstairs, but not on my cheap 1 year old $60
Korean-made player at home. This program is c. 2003, so it's not that
old. It came in one of those "generic" THC boxes, and I'm kinda leery
about buying more of this format, since the Panasonic triple player are
what were just installed in some of our classrooms...

Does anyone have any advice/experience of similar occurrences? Some
links about the difference between formats would be helpful, too.
Thanks in advance,

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