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Nobody Is Still Listening!

In 1984 Nestor Almendros, one of Hollywood’s greatest cinematographers,
directed a film about his native Cuba – “Nobody Listened”(Nadie
escuchaba “(1984). He also directed a film about Castro’s treatment of
gays the same year, “Improper Conduct” (Mauvaise conduite).
The first film is especially poignant since it shows how Western
leftists have failed to stand up against Castro for running a country as
totalitarian as Nazi Germany or Stalin’s USSR. Now 20 years latter the
films are more important than ever because Castro imprisoned many
dissenters including librarians and journalists on the day the US
invaded Iraq – March 18, 2003. I joined a group called “Friends of
Cuban Libraries,” fighting to make the American Library Association
protest Castro’s actions. Friends of mine like Sandy Berman have joined
me in protest, as has Village Voice columnist Nat Hentoff. By the time
you read this Hentoff will have written four columns in the Voice and
one syndicated column on this travesty. Also, ALA will have been
presented with another chance to reverse its cowardice at its national
mid-winter meeting. You can also sign the petition at Reporters
Without Borders at:
can purchase a copy of the film from Direct Cinema Ltd on the web for

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