[Videolib] 3M security system for AV

Amy Deuble (adeuble@marion.lib.oh.us)
Tue, 30 Dec 2003 14:31:42 -0500

We just recently installed a 3M security system in our AV area and have
encountered a few bumps. Our system is a Model 2301BP installed on a 36"
baseplate. The gates sit by our circulation desk. We are using 3M tattle
tapes directly on our videos and 3M tattle tapes on a Secure Case brand
locking case with clip. We are using a pass around system with no

Our problem is not with false alarms but with no alarms. If a person walks
through the gate with two videos in his/her hand at chest level the alarm
will not sound or will sound about 1 out of every 6 times. Not very

We've had two service calls and much tinkering since our original
installation. We were told that we need a board upgrade in each gate. One
was done, the other is on order. We were asked to move a staff workstation
that might have been interfering with the gate. Finally, it was suggested
that having two tattle tapes together may cancel out the signal. This is
the one that alarms me (no pun intended) the most. Should we post a sign
for patrons to steal only one item at a time or is this just bunk from an
overworked service representative?

I would appreciate any experiences or insights you might have with security
systems and 3M in particular. Being in a public library system with budget
cuts looming I'm not looking forward to telling my director that the $15,000
or so he just spent was for a security system that doesn't work.

Amy Deuble
Marion Public Library
Marion, Ohio
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