RE: [Videolib] AV in after hours drop boxes

Les Moore (
Tue, 23 Dec 2003 12:12:30 -0500

Our library for a long time did not allow AV materials to be returned in
the drop boxes, and we fined patrons who broke the rule. But because some
of our branches had short, irregular hours, we received many patron
complaints about this policy. Finally we tried a test period of one month,
allowing AV materials to be returned, and we put foam pads in the bottom of
the drop boxes. To our surprise, nothing was broken, even in sub-freezing
weather, and we dropped the rule. That was about two years ago, and we
haven't had any problems, even with CDs and DVDs. Maybe we have just been
lucky, but most damage seems to come when the product is in the patron's
hands - lost discs, cracked hubs, etc.
(Mr.) Leslie Moore
Hunterdon County Library
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