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I find it hard to believe that the units in question are causing the problems with tracking. I would suggest taking a test tape and placing it right on the checkout system and seeing if that causes problems. I have bulk tape erasers (with fairly large eletromagnets) that won't even touch a VHS tape signal. The same is true with high bias audiotape as the signal (music/voice) is fairly hard to erase.

The tracking problems are more likely due to old tapes, old VCR's, or both. Some models are just more touchy than others and many models only playback tapes recorded on themselves. That is my experience anyway...good luck!

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I too would be interested in responses, as we have recently been having
the same problem. I think it might have started when we moved our media
checkout to the same place as our book checkout.


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>>> 12/18/03 3:36 PM >>>
Hello, everyone. We are experiencing a problem with our VHS movies in
that they are checked out fine but come back with complaints of tracking
problems. Our desensitizers at the circ desk sit rather closely together
(one for VHS videos, one for all else), and the current workflow does
have the videos placed rather closely to the other machine. Does
anybody know about a minimum separation of space between the 2
desensitizers, or how closely we can allow a video to be placed to the
other machine?

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