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David Ofiara (ofiarad@acc.sunyacc.edu)
Fri, 19 Dec 2003 12:41:27 -0500

I wonder if anyone can suggest some Science Media Vendors. Here's my situation. A Science faculty member came across some old Super 8 Film Loops in a Science lab on our campus. They were in the following subject areas:

Mapping--Earth Scale/Longitude/Latitude/Contour and Profile Mappingk
Newton's Laws
Lenses--Pinhole Camera/Concave mirror/Converging lenses
Geology--Geology Profiles/Fossil Formation/Geologic Time Scale
Ocean Salinity/Temperatures/Waves/Tides
Planetary Motion
Earth Temperature/Pressure/Wind
Atmospheric Circulation
Coreolis Effect
Evaporation and Condensation
Cloud Formation
Weather Fronts and Precipitation

This faculty member asked me where she could find Videos and DVD's on these and similar subjects.
Could you folks recommend vendors and/or websites that offer media for sale in these or similar Science subjects? Also, if there are any particular titles from specific vendors that would be helpful also.
But, overall, my approach is to direct the faculty member to specific vendors and websites so she could make her own choices about preview/purchases.
Any assistance that you could give would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to post commentary to the list or to my e-mail address below.

Dave Ofiara
Media Librarian
Adirondack Community College
e-mail: dofiara@acc.sunyacc.edu

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