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At our two branches, they have drop boxes for av. At our main library, we
do not. If av is returned in the drop, patrons are assessed $1 per item.
All av has a label stating not to return in the drop. We specifically tell
people when they check out audiovisual materials at main that they must be
returned to the desk. Over the years we have educated our patrons so well,
that this very rarely happens. Our pages have been instructed to let the
circ clerks know if any av has been returned in the drop. Hope this helps.

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Subject: [Videolib] AV in after hours drop boxes

Recently we've had a few expensive items damaged in our drop boxes. You
a heavier item lands on a lighter, more fragile item and you have to repair
it (if it can be repaired.) We have one drop box at each branch for all
The after hours drop boxes are a good service to patrons, but seem to
a lot of library resources (i.e., repairing damaged cases/discs/tapes,
processing ALL AV in new, stronger cases, potential for theft and
We're weighing the benefits/liabilities of returning AV in drop boxes. What
are the policies at your system regarding AV returns? Are patrons allowed to

put AV in the drop boxes? Do you have a separate AV drop box? Is the patron
responsible for the item until it's discharged? Is damage occurring in the
drop box "written off"? Other?
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

John F. Fossett
Media Librarian
Kitsap Regional Library

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