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We have an exterior separate drop box for our media materials that is on the Library's outside wall beside the bookdrops. This is a really great service for patrons, and because it has the chute specifically designed for smaller media such as videos, dvds, and cds, it is difficult for really large and heavy items (including some of our own media materials) to be dumped in on top of the more fragile stuff. Of course there is the occasional problem such as cases opening up in the drop, but I don't think this or any other problem outweighs the positives. Our patrons are usually responsible for the items until they are discharged. If there is one recurring problem it is not damage, but the occasional patron insisting they returned something in the drop but it never makes it back through the check-in process. But that could happen anyway.

We request that media not be returned in any of the remote (i.e. parking lot, etc.) book drops on campus. We post signs on these guys indicating "No Media". Occasionally a very hot video might appear in the midst of all the returned books, but this is fairly rare. We usually contact the patron if this occurs.

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Recently we've had a few expensive items damaged in our drop boxes. You know,
a heavier item lands on a lighter, more fragile item and you have to repair
it (if it can be repaired.) We have one drop box at each branch for all
The after hours drop boxes are a good service to patrons, but seem to require
a lot of library resources (i.e., repairing damaged cases/discs/tapes,
processing ALL AV in new, stronger cases, potential for theft and vandalism.)
We're weighing the benefits/liabilities of returning AV in drop boxes. What
are the policies at your system regarding AV returns? Are patrons allowed to
put AV in the drop boxes? Do you have a separate AV drop box? Is the patron
responsible for the item until it's discharged? Is damage occurring in the
drop box "written off"? Other?
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

John F. Fossett
Media Librarian
Kitsap Regional Library

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