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> Hello all,
> sorry to interrupt this holiday season with a question, but this just
> came up.
> I have a professor who dutifully booked a bunch of videos and one film
> for her distance ed class. The problem is the 16mm is not going to
> project well for the class, the students here can watch it fine from the
> 16mm, but the distance ed kids won't. The dist. ed tech wants to make a
> copy of the film (actually wants to make copies of all the videos as
> well to be placed at the distance ed site, but that I will not allow) on
> to video to use to broadcast to the distance site. Now as far as I
> know, making a copy of a 16mm is verbotten no matter what, but he says
> it is permissible if it is a one time only shot and the video is
> destroyed afterwards. I thought I would put this to the learned members
> of the list, at least the ones that are still around to read this: Do
> you allow the copy to be made for the use of a distance ed closed
> circuit transmission?
> Thanks all for your imput.
> jhs
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Well assuming it is still under copyright, the answer is of course
NO!!!! and for pretty much the same reasons you don't get to copy
written articles, transfer VHS to DVD etc WITHOUT the permission of
the copyright holder. FYI if this is a feature film , there is ZERO chance
you would get this permission. No "one shot " exceptions.

Jessica ( the Grinch)

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