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Mon, 15 Dec 2003 14:24:51 -0500

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> Subject: [Videolib] Re: Kino & African cinema; CIRCLE OF DECEIT
> And thanks so much for supplying us with those African films from Kino! Once
> prices dropped to the $30 range, most of your titles began being purchased by
> the local public library. Collection Management staff continue to add new
> titles as they become available, and I'm usually first in line to check them
> out!
> I don't see CIRCLE OF DECEIT mentioned on the Kino website. Did I miss
> something?
> Pat Shufeldt
> Greenville, SC
> Jessica Rosner wrote:
>> Sheesh I have enough trouble trying
>> to get things like the African Films and CIRCLE OF DECEIT ( which Kino
>> indulged me with so everybody buy them)...
>> Jessica
CIRCLE OF DECEIT is not coming out till 5/11 but it is more or less
MY movie as I love it and harrased my boss for TEN YEARS ( waiting for
UA's contract to expire) to get it. So everyone buy it when it comes out
A neglected masterpiece.
It will be in the new catalogue that I am mailing next week

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