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> So Jessica,
> What DIck Powell western were you talking about in yesterday's New York
> Times (article on why so many movies don't make it to DVD)
> Oksana

I am trying to remember the name myself. When I was at the Columbus
Cinevent over Memorial Day weekend ( even for early film buffs) I got
accosted by a man who gave me the title of a Dick Powell Western and said
that Kino should put it out as it was from the same producer as IT HAPPENED
TOMORROW ( a favorite of mine) that we had under license from Douris Corp.
I told him EVEN if we COULD license it from Douris, we wouldn't as we
were a small company and had to limit our releases and a Dick Powell western
( I looked it up in Maltin at the time) with no critical mass was not
something we could do. He got REALLY irate and screamed " YOU PEOPLE ARE
SUPPOSED TO CARE ABOUT THESE THINGS" Sheesh I have enough trouble trying
to get things like the African Films and CIRCLE OF DECEIT ( which Kino
indulged me with so everybody buy them). If it were up to me we would be
putting out the Richard Barthelmess boxed set but NO DICK POWELL WESTERNS


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