[Videolib] Briars in the Cotton Patch: The Story of Koinonia Farm

Pat Shufeldt (pashuf@charter.net)
Mon, 15 Dec 2003 11:29:54 -0500

Another title which may be of interest to Kathryn from Picture History Research,
who was looking for Civil Rights era films:

"Briars in the Cotton Patch: the story of Koinonia Farm"
This one-hour documentary is currently scheduled for showing on January 8, 2004
on SCETV and on January 25 & 26, 2004 on Georgia's PBS station as part of the
"Southern Lens" film series. To date these appear to be the only PBS stations
which are scheduled to show it. The film was released on VHS in May 2003 and on
DVD just last week. Both versions available for $19.95 (home use) with higher
but still reasonable prices for public performance.

An intentional interracial community founded in 1942 near Americus, GA, Koinonia
Farm was "dedicated to pacifism when World War II raged, to racial equality in
the southern heartland, and to community living in the midst of American
individualism"* Over the years the community was the target of persecution
including bombings, shootings, and boycotts by local businesses who refused to
buy farm products from, or sell to community members even such basic necessities
as groceries and gasoline.

Koinonia Farm was the birthplace of Habitat for Humanity, and the film's
producer is Faith Fuller, the daughter of Habitat founders. Narration is by
former Atlanta Mayor and UN Ambassador Andrew Young.

For more information, go to

*Cover quote from COTTON PATCH FOR THE KINGDOM, by Ann Louise Coble. Herald
Press, 2002.

Pat Shufeldt
Greenville, SC

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