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Fri, 12 Dec 2003 16:35:36 -0500

I don't know, anyone who can use the phrase "gestalt librarian" in a
sentence has my vote.
Hi Jim - nice to see other old timers still on the list with a passion
for the field . . .
Old timers? You know, the good old days when "multi-media"
meant it took more than one trip from the car to bring in equipment for
a workshop . . .
Cheers - Mark Richie, late of EFLA, AFVA, NARMC etc

James Scholtz wrote:

> Hi All - Glad you liked my letter. Usually, I'm very careful with my
> responses but, with my response to John, I guess I was not. Actually,
> I wasn't really responding directly to John's response on the list
> serv - I just saw his last post and thought that "Dear John letter"
> sounded cute so that's what I used. Whomever stated this train of
> thought - Tracy, Lisa, etc. - I can't remember (I could search the
> listserv archives however) and it is not necessarily important. I
> didn't mean to imply anything to John by addressing my post to him.
> This just emphasizes my enjoyment of AV librarianship more - who but
> AV librarians would care so much about the feelings of another
> "electronic person" on the list. You guys are great and I'll shut up
> for now. Boy, that was a cathartic event. If anyone is going to PLA
> in Seattle and wants to talk more about this issue, I'll be there.
> Have a great holiday. Jim S.
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