[Videolib] Video Librarianship discussion

Karen Fischer (Karen_Fischer@freenet.richland.oh.us)
12 Dec 2003 14:20:21 GMT

Although this discussion has been somewhat interesting (and occasionally
heated,) I have something to nit-pick about. A lot of the replies have
retained all or some of previous replies. Many people now seem to be
confused about who actually said what and are replying to the wrong people or
criticizing the wrong people.

The best I can tell, going back to the beginning, TRACY asked how to become
a Video Librarian.

LISA replied " I would avoid working in a public library at all costs, they
are generally dreadful and deadening to one's free spirit." Lisa's harsh,
blanket statement upset a lot of audiovisual people who happen to enjoy
working in public libraries.

Some of these public library people, including JOHN, replied and defended
public library librarianship. Some of Lisa's collegues replied in effect,
"Lisa's really a nice person, don't be upset with her" even though she made
such a broad, sweeping statement condemning public libraries.

JOHN simply pointed out that LISA sounded like she had had a negative
experience with public library employment and that he didn't feel her
comments (about public libraries) were helpful. Now JOHN is getting a lot of

I do not know TRACY, LISA or JOHN. But as an AudioVisual Librarian (for 15
years) in a public library, I too found Lisa's statement to be hurtful and
unduly harsh. I'm sorry Lisa is so bitter about public libraries. But
overall, I like my job a lot, and apparently so do many other people in
public librarianship.

Karen Fischer
Audio Visual Librarian
Mansfield Richland County Public LIbrary
Mansfield, OH
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