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I'm sorry that you feel the way you do about public library employment. It
sounds as though you may have had a negative experience.
I work as a media librarian for a small public library in Washington State
and find that I have a tremendous amount of latitude in my shaping of the
collection. I am encouraged by my supervisor to be creative in my approach
and supported by the the rest of collection management, technical services,
branch staff, as well as the patrons. I do not feel a "deadening to one's
free spirit" as you state.
This list appears to be utilized by folks from all corners of the video
world. We're here because we're trying to help each other. I don't feel your
comments work toward that goal.

On Tue, 09 Dec 2003 14:22:16 -0500, Lisa Flanzraich wrote
> I was hoping someone could help me. I am trying to get information
> on the best steps to take in becoming a Video Librarian. I have my
> M.L.I.S and am currently working in a para professional position in
> a video library. Do I need a second masters? Any help would be
> appreciated. I just want some leads on how to become one either
> academic or public library.
> Thank you.
> Tracy
> A second Master's in Cinema Studies would help, although not
> necessarily, especially for a public library. I would avoid working
> in a public library at all costs: they are generally dreadful and
> deadening to one's free spirit. .
> My recommendation is to become a CINEMANIAC if you are not one
> already, and join film clubs, organizations, volunteer to write
> reviews, bone up on technology-- although the substantive nature of
> media librarianship is far more interesting, at least for me. Take
> lots of film/media courses.
> It is not a good economy--however there are opportunities, if you
> make them happen. If you live in a major city--there are t.v.
> networks, film archives, studios, museums, film art centers,blah blah.
> Hangout, above all, with -MOVIE MANIACS--if you have your heart set
> on it--you can make it happen.
> Keep us posted.
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