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Sarah Andrews (
Wed, 10 Dec 2003 08:45:28 -0600

At one of the libraries I work at the system was programmed to
automatically pop up a note at check in when the tape or dvd has
circulated 25 times. We then indicate it is "out for cleaning" and a youth
volunteer runs them through the machine. This is a pretty efficient
system--we spend the most time cleaning the heaviest used items.

Sarah Andrews

At 07:52 AM 12/10/2003, you wrote:
>Good morning, all.
>We are considering putting in an order for a tape cleaning/inspection
>device, probably an RTI. I would like to ask those of you who already use
>these to tell me HOW you use them. That is, is it a routine part of the
>check-in process to run the tape through the machine, or do you do the
>whole collection--or chunks of it--on some kind of timetable basis? What
>is your procedure?
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