[Videolib] deadened spirits

Eileen Simmons (ESimmons@ci.everett.wa.us)
Tue, 9 Dec 2003 13:02:53 -0800

I would avoid working in a public library at all costs:
they are generally dreadful and deadening to one's free spirit. .

Wow. And here I've been working in public libraries for all these years and
didn't even know they were dreadful-much less that my free spirit had been
deadened! I always thought they were places people came mostly because they
wanted to, looking for things they were interested in. Granted sometimes the
things they are interested in are bestsellers, Hollywood action flicks, or a
video on how to repair a toilet, and perhaps that is what deadened this
person's spirit?

My advice is to consider working in public libraries. They can be great

Eileen Simmons
Assistant Director/Head of Reference
Everett Public Library
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