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Lisa Flanzraich (LFlanzra@Qc1.Qc.Edu)
Tue, 09 Dec 2003 14:22:16 -0500

I was hoping someone could help me. I am trying to get information on the
best steps to take in becoming a Video Librarian. I have my M.L.I.S and
am currently working in a para professional position in a video library.
Do I need a second masters? Any help would be appreciated. I just want
some leads on how to become one either academic or public library.

Thank you.


A second Master's in Cinema Studies would help, although not necessarily,
especially for a public library. I would avoid working in a public library at all costs:
they are generally dreadful and deadening to one's free spirit. .

My recommendation is to become a CINEMANIAC if you are not one already, and
join film clubs, organizations, volunteer to write reviews, bone up on technology--
although the substantive nature of media librarianship is far more interesting, at
least for me. Take lots of film/media courses.

It is not a good economy--however there are opportunities, if you make them
happen. If you live in a major city--there are t.v. networks, film archives, studios,
museums, film art centers,blah blah.

Hangout, above all, with -MOVIE MANIACS--if you have your heart set on it--you
can make it happen.

Keep us posted.
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