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Ambrose Video Publishing is the distributor of "Multiple Personalities: The Search for Deadly Memories" . Perhaps your faculty member would be interested if you are unable to locate "Sybil". The title description follows. Call us at 1.800.526.4663 ext. 224 to order, or visit our

Linda Hellman, Reg. Sales Manager

"An eye-opening, educational experience." - NY Daily News
Gloria Steinem narrates this gripping exploration of multiple personality disorder, and how child abuse causes it.

Although noted in medical accounts for centuries, only recently has this disorder been treated successfully. This HBO documentary provides the latest information to build awareness of MPD for general audiences, high school and college health classes.

This program shows three people who, on the surface, appear as typical Americans engaged in normal lives. One is an honor student in art, another a decorated police officer, and the third, a loving housewife. Each is revealed to have multiple personalities which have developed as defense mechanisms against extreme sexual, physical, or emotional abuse experienced during childhood.

According to the American Psychiatric Association's diagnostic criteria, multiple personality disorder is the existence of two or more distinct personality states, each with its own pattern of perceiving and relating to the environment, within one individual. Certain broad categories of alter personalities are found in most patients, including a "host personality' who has control of the body more of the time; child personalities of different ages; persecutor personalities; suicidal personalities; protector personalities; cross-gender personalities and others.

MPD patients exhibit a range of physical and psychological symptoms, including depression, sudden mood swings, difficulty in concentrating, sexual problems, crying spells, periods of 'time loss', migraine headaches and amnesia.

Psychological treatment for MPD focuses on developing trust between the doctor and all the alter personalities, recovery of memories and reworking of the early traumatic events. Eventually, the internal division is replaced with some form of unity in terms of purpose and motivation.

Closed Captioned. A study guide is included. $99.95 vhs PPR included

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