[Videolib] need video titled "Old friends : six who flew;

Lonergan Lynn GS-11 AUL (Lynn.Lonergan@maxwell.af.mil)
Thu, 4 Dec 2003 13:24:22 -0600

This was produced in 1993 by Big Picture, Historical Film and Video (Palm
Springs CA) but I cannot locate them. There is a note in the record which
says AVH-13 which may be the item number. We have a copy which was donated
to us but now a patron wants to purchase a copy. Any and all help will be

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"Of all the kinds of silences--the stillness of snowfields, the hollow quiet
of an empty house--none is as total as the desert. It is the hush of
antiquity, an inverse echo that seems to embrace the countless millions of
years it takes for a desert to form." --Jason Kersten

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