[Videolib] Re: Club Thursday, Dec. 4

Val Gangwer (vgangwer@mbc.edu)
Thu, 04 Dec 2003 12:56:27 -0500

Hey Carl,
There's no rush on the reels at this point because next week is exams and I
doubt any of the team members will come out (most will already be gone for
Christmas break by then!) I'm afraid the same may be true of this Sunday.
However, I will be around, and Beth may be agreeable to coming up for a work
session during the pre-holiday period, either here or at your place. I'll see
you tonite, weather permitting.

Carl Knoch wrote:

> Hey Val
> Yah we came Tuesday and worked it out. I also talked to Fred about the
> reels he has. He has 5 or 6 reels that he attempted to repair, but got
> sidetracked and now they are all apart. He's going to bring them over to me
> this weekend and he and I and Jess will have a repair party on them to try
> to get as many up and running as we can. We're hoping to get another 4 up
> and running.
> I think that I'm going to the Charm City Classic at Johns Hopkins on
> Saturday, and then we'll fix the reels on Sunday afternoon sometime.
> (That's the plan for now) Jess has some meeting at UVA on Saturday
> morning/afternoon and I'm thinking she won't be coming with me to the
> tourney up in Baltimore. As long as we get those reels from Fred, we'll
> have them done by next Thursday if you're still going to be fencing after
> the break.
> As the plans to repair the reels gets solidified I'll let you know, as you
> and any of the girls from MB will be more than welcome to come on over and
> join the repair party when we have it!
> I'll call you later about the fencing tonight then. Hopefully there will be
> no freezing rain at all as I need to fence some before Saturday if I'm to
> fence at all well in a higher rated tourney like that will be.
> Thanks,
> Carl
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> Hi Carl,
> First of all I did not hear if you came Tuesday to talk to Beth and the
> club about borrowing equipment. Did anything get worked out?
> Second, Please check in with me (e-mail or phone) this afternoon about
> the weather and class tonite. If we get bad freezing rain I will cancel
> for tonite, and I wanted you and Jessica to know. As of now we are a go,
> but I'm keeping me eyes on the sky.
> Val
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