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I ended up writing a computer sign-out program for our Library.
Granted, we only have 7 public computer stations, but they are heavily
used and a sign-up sheet resulted in staff constantly having to babysit
users, tell them to get off for another patron, etc. Some pretty basic
coding with RapidQ and I ended up with an application that, so far, has
been working just fine - and for the most part, requires little or no
staff intervention.

I couldn't justify spending the $$ for every station to patch in to our
resource library's Pharos system.

Benjamin D. Sprague
Circulation Supervisor /
Technology Services
Ripon Public Library

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Dear all,

Do you use any booking systems for PCs in your library? We have about 50
PCs in the Multimedia section, and they are heavily used. We use a
manual system by signing for 1 hour usage during peak hours of the day,
but this is very tedious work to counter staff. I wish to know if there
are any booking systems that work well in your library. Thank you.

Teresa Kong
Assistant Librarian
Multimedia Learning Centre
Hong Kong Baptist University Library
34 Renfrew Road
Hong Kong
Tel: 852-3411 5397
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