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<< A friend of mine lives outside Bethlehem. He wants to establish a film
festival, showing Palestinians some of the new films being made ABOUT
THEM, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I have told him
about films from Arab Films, etc. in this country. - Steve Fesenmaeir

Hi Steve,

I would be happy to consult with your friend and help him to find films for
his festival. There are many videos out there by first time filmmakers that are
independently produced and not easily available, as well as films that have
been produced internationally on the issue, not just in the US. (I saw some
last year at Hot Docs in Toronto).

I am the co-director of "Gaza Ghetto: Portrait of a Palestinian Family" and
"Voices in Exile", two films about Palestinian issues, which I distribute
through New Day Films. Much of my film/video work relates to the Middle East and
Arab communities in the US. I have also been involved for years in curating film
festivals and helping to promote other people's films on this topic.
Incidentally, I lived for eight years in the West Bank and was last there four years
ago on a Fulbright doing research into media and culture.

Joan Mandell
Olive Branch Productions
(and New Day Films)
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