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We don't collect audio books either. But here is a
suggestion for media market: with so many school libraries
that attend (primary, secondary, higher ed) could we have a
plenary session on the IDEA act and options for closed
captioning? Maybe outsourcing vs doing it your self and
maybe a panel of distributors to talk about their role in
all of this? I think we have to have this implemented by
2006. I don't know, maybe I am the only one who is worrying
about this and everyone else has resolved it. If so, I
would love some pointers. Right now we are going through
our 10,000 + titles and identifying those that will need CC
and which can be purchased with CC. A huge job to say the

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Having recently been named to the Board of Directors for
the National
Media Market, I would like to include your comments on this
subject to the Board: (Audio books could include speeches,
books on
tape, lectures, etc.)

Approximately how many audio books do you order on an
annual basis?

250 on cassettes; 200 on compact disc (prefer CD to

Will you continue to collect audio books? For how long?

Yes - as long as relevant titles are available and price
Acquisitions decisions mostly based on reviews in Booklist
and Librry

Do you have a separate budget for audio books?

No - budget allotment covers CD for Non-Print Media

If you currently attend, or plan to attend the National
Media Market,, would a reputable audio books vendor be
of interest
to you?

Have attended in the past - not since it moved to Las
Vegas- expense too

Monique Threatt
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Mark your calendar to attend the 26th Annual National Media
September 28-October 3, 2004 at the Alexis Park in Las
Vegas. For More
Details, visit the National Media Market website at:

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