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WV filmmaker to run for County Commission

Jim Surkamp, an Eastern panhandle filmmaker, author, and long-time lay
counselor, is running for Jefferson County Commission. He has been
writing and making films, websites, and special productions for radio
1985, most recently winning honorable
mention for his film about a local 19th century garden writer, Danske
Dandridge in “Immortal Essence.” He received an Angel Award in 1996 for
nationally broadcast hour-long radio production, "Don't Mean Nothin'."
the years he has made the films:
“Antietam Wounded,” "Highland Pride: The Life and Times of Adam
"To be More Than Equal: The Life and Times of Martin Delany," “American

Genius: James Rumsey” “Even the Gypsies
Had a Car – Shepherdstown 1921,” "The Waddys and the Shepherdstown Train

Station," and edited a book, “The Land Where We
Were Dreamin’: A People's History of Jefferson County, West Virginia.”
You can read more about the candidate at his website: The book is at this website in its entirety,
with links to several websites on historical figures by Jim. I hope he
elected – it would be great to
see more WV filmmakers run for office – they would make good leaders.
plans as Commissioner to use local access cable television channels to
showcase the work of local artists, photographers, musicians, and
video/film producers.

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