Re: [Videolib] Bar codes and other labels on DVDs

Rick Faaberg (
Wed, 12 Nov 2003 13:03:57 -0800

On 11/12/03 12:27 PM "" <> sent this out:

> We had been looking for a reasonable solution to this problem for a couple
> years, the prior solution we were using was a plastic center ring which we
> had imprinted with the Library's name; but then we needed to print the
> barcode number on the label by hand and some staff have more legible
> handwriting than others. Our current solution is cleaner, neater and we can
> reprint the labels for each disc in the package which Circulation loves.

I was wondering if anyone had tried printing directly on the CDs with one of
the inkjets that will print on "round plastic" media?


Rick Faaberg

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