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We used to put the barcode and spine label on audio cds.

During this last year, we worked with Dymo Company on a small CD/DVD ring
that fits around the center hole. Their software allows us to print the
Library's name and the barcode number on the ring label which is then
applied to the disc. The ring label is very narrow, about 1/4 inch, so
there's not much space for text; though the software will attempt to make
the text fit the label by shrinking the font size.

We've been using the ring labels for about 9 months with no complaints from
either staff or patrons.

The ring labels are printed from Dymo thermal printers from a roll feed.
The labels are new, they're not yet listed on Dymo's website:
If you're interested contact Dymo at: 1-800-426-7827. The cost is
$11.95/roll and the product sku# is 30886.

We had been looking for a reasonable solution to this problem for a couple
years, the prior solution we were using was a plastic center ring which we
had imprinted with the Library's name; but then we needed to print the
barcode number on the label by hand and some staff have more legible
handwriting than others. Our current solution is cleaner, neater and we can
reprint the labels for each disc in the package which Circulation loves.

Michael L. Nitz
Head, Technical Services
Appleton (WI) Public Library
920-832-6184 / / 920-832-6182 (fax)

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We would like to know if some libraries are sticking bar codes or call
number labels directly on single-sided DVD disks. We know that it is
generally not recommended to stick labels on optical disks but we have been
doing it for years with our audio CD's. Any information regarding
successful or unsuccessful experiences would be much appreciated.

Thank you

Benoit Morin

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