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Mike Boedicker (mboedicker@hotmail.com)
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This appeared in today's Publib. Maybe some articulate videolibbers could
send a few words of support. Interesting (and typical) how the person
quoted in the newspaper article thinks it's fine to charge fees for
"entertainment" videos but neglects to include entertainment books in her


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Subject: Stories about Videos
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Here in Wisconsin we need stories about the impact and value of videos
in public libraries. I hoped that Publibbers could help.

Some of you will remember that about a year ago Assembly Republicans
introduced legislation that would have rescinded Wisconsin's 130 year
old tradition of free library service and allowed libraries to charge
fees. There was such a public outcry that when the Joint Finance
Committee met to resolve issues with the Senate, that proposal was the
first to be dropped and on a voice vote!

In an odd twist, it is now a Democrat that is proposing something
similar; this time for Milwaukee County only and for videos only. For
the story, see:


I am on the Wisconsin Library Association's legislative committee. We
anticipate that reporters will be calling libraries all over the state
with questions about the issue. I hope to put together some "talking
points" for use with legislators and the press.

Any suggestions would be welcome. I expect we will need circulation and
budget data on videos, of course. But we could also use good stories
about the value of videos and the impact they have on library user's



Thomas J. Hennen Jr.


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