[Videolib] videotape in cold environments

Kathy Evans (kathy@purdue.edu)
Fri, 07 Nov 2003 10:25:05 -0500

I am doing an installation and plan to use a videotape and vcr in the
space. This building, however, is not heated. Tonight is the opening and
it will be in the 20's. It is a big old brick movie theatre which does
heat up with the sun--somewhat. The forecast is for continued warming
into the40- 60's next week, but 30's at night. Will I be able to play
out this tape safely? Will the equipment work? I had not really thought
about it before. Does anyone know the safe parameters for tape and
equipment. There are other people who are doing the same thing.
Thanks for your help.
Kathy Evans
Purdue University

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