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At this time, we don't. We have our DVDs in security cases. I need to
investigate putting some kind of security tag on the videotapes themselves,
since people take the tapes out of the clamshell cases. At this point, I am
not ordering Pulp Fiction anymore, since I have lost copies within weeks of
putting them on the shelves. Also, our video shelves are so tight, it would
require a lot of shifting to interfile the DVDs. In a round about way, I
hope this helps. Thanks to everyone who wrote about double shelving DVDs.
Between the time I was told about this meeting and when we met, we received
our new security cases for DVDs, which are more squared off, and stand
better upright. Since we have them now, and have to pay for them, our
director took the line of let's see how they worked. Also, our TSD head
came right out and said that double shelving would be going backwards. So,
the discussion is tabled for now.

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Does anyone interfile dvds with videos on open public shelving? I
wonder how that would work out?

Thank you.

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