Re: [Videolib] Filing videos and dvds

Holly Sammons (
Wed, 29 Oct 2003 13:46:49 -0500 (EST)

I do.

A while back I decided to test this out in a specific area - foreign
language feature films, a collection that sits on its own aside from the
general feature films. We have about 1000 foreign language titles, they
circ extremely well and the patrons who use this collection seemed like a
good test group. Because of the re-sale market for DVDs they are in
security cases, videocassettes are not.

I'm not sure how to measure the efficacy of this method?? Or what you're
looking for? The mixed format collection is easy to browse, often you can
see a title in both formats and have the option to chose which one you'd
prefer. The cassettes hold up the DVDs very well! I do not believe we
have had any complaints about this. I am figuring that by next summer
when the bulk of the feature video purchases are in DVD format, we will
start to allow all of the films to co-mingle!! (as long as they behave!)

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