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Hi Sandra,

We reviewed this in "Video Librarian" about 17 years ago (my, time flies :).
It's now available from Clearvue

Video Librarian August 1987 (Vol. 2, Issue 6)

Pop Music In The Twentieth Century: The Early Decades
(1987)/Documentary/32 min./$197/Educational Audio Visual Inc./public
performance rights included.
Pop Music In The Twentieth Century: Into The '80s
(1987)/Documentary/35 min./$197/Educational Audio Visual Inc./public
performance rights included.
These two companion volumes cover the history of pop music. Beginning with
the legends of ragtime, swing, and early rock and roll, the first volume
concludes with Presley and the Beatles. The second volume begins with the
folk music of Dylan; Peter, Paul, and Mary; and Joan Baez, followed the by
soul music of James Brown, Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, and the Supremes. The
disco craze is examined in detail, and there is a passing glance at the punk
scene which emerged in the late '70's in such renowned bands as The Sex
Pistols and The Clash. Of course, as with any overview, there are omissions:
Joplin and Hendrix are represented--but Jim Morrison of the Doors is notably
absent. Too, the connections made between music and society are strictly on
an introductory level: i.e., the folk music of the late '60's prefigured and
heralded the civil rights movement. Still, there is a lot more to be learned
here than in watching a week's worth of MTV. Recommended. (Available from:
Educational Audio Visual Inc., Pleasantville, NY 10570).



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> I have been trying to locate a video title called, Pop music in the
> Century." A patron checked this video out from our collection but has
> it so I'm looking to find a replacement. Any help would be greatly
> The information of the video:
> 2 videocassettes (67 min.)
> This program surveys the relationship between US history and the music
> played, sang, and listened to from the turn of the century onward. In
> documentary film footage of national events, film clips and stills of
> music performances, and a narration that weaves it all together.
> video 1-Early decades video 2-Into the 1980's
> Thanks
> Sandra McVey
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