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Becky, We long ago discontinued double-shelving VHS, as well as CDs, for the reasons you give - takes up more space, requires more processing, and takes more handling time by the staff. We use Gressco Kwik cases for AV. We use the newer - and better - Kwik case for our DVDs. They sit on the shelf just fine (the first version did not) and the entire case is visible. The cases are tough, the system easy to use. Should you use these cases, a warning - don't place the end of the DVD case that opens facing out toward the open end of the security case. It is possible to force open the DVD case and slide the disc out!
Hope this is helpful.

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>We have a staff member who wants to change our DVD shelving. At this time,
>we have our DVDs in security cases. Her complaint is that the security
>cases don't stand up well, the security cases make it too difficult for
>patrons and pages to read the dvd cases, and that the security cases take up
>too much room, which we are running out of. Her solution is to double
>shelve - Number the dvds adn discs, put the empty dvd cases on the shelves,
>and store the discs in envelopes/folders in numerical order. - which take up
>so much less space. We used to do this for videos - have the sleeves out on
>the floor, and the videos in closed access. We stopped, because of lack of
>space, and it also created double work. Our collection is only going to
>grow, which does make space a problem, but this is only a temporary
>Along with the fact, that this will mean more handling of a format that is
>already proven to be fragile, does anyone have any arguments against this,
>or am I alone in thinking that this just isn't a good idea for a growing
>Another thing this staff member wants to do is interfile all children's and
>adult ficiton and nonfiction. Our collection is entirely in Adult Services,
>but I have the Adult Fiction and Nonfiction separate, and Children's
>Fiction, Holiday, and Nonfiction separate. Of course, I was going by how
>people ask for videos, the audience levels, and the arrangement of books in
>the Children's department, but again, I could be really wrong.
>Sorry if this sounds like a rant. (well, it is, kind of.) I have meeting
>with this staff member and our assistant director about this on Tuesday
>morning, so any help by then would be really appreciated.
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