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Hi Becky,
On the DVD question, we did this for awhile at a public
library where I worked for 10 years. We eventually moved to
open stacks. We had about 5,000 discs (I know, what a
budget!) and the staff time involved in retrieving the disc,
putting the parts together, checking it out, checking it in,
and filing 2 pieces, not to mention two separate things to
shelf read (and believe me having to shelf read thousands
of discs in those tyvek envelopes is not fun) proved too
time intensive for 1 full time and 4 part time people. We
were open 68 hours a week. If your circulation isn't very
heavy and you have plenty of staff go for it. Make sure you
use envelopes designed for discs. If you use straight paper
ones, you will scratch up your DVDs.

As far as interfiling the children's videos goes: ACK!
This sounds like a can of worms. We had a collection of
about 10,000 videos/DVDs and used categories like Very Young
(for preschoolers) CA (for cartoon collections)
AN (for animated titles) FA (for Fantasy) FL (for foreign
films) and so one. So yes, things were interfiled, but the
staff knew the collection inside and out, and we had parents
who were very involved in their child's viewing choices.
Also we didn't check out R rated videos to anyone with a
"Child" borrower type on their card. If the parents wanted
their kids to check out R rated videos, they would have to
do it for them, send the kid with an adult card, or request
a different borrower type when the card is issed, putting
the parenting/policing responsibility on the parents. It
has worked really well. Sometimes, if a cartoon looks like
a child's video but is really adult, we would put a little
warning sticker on it

It is really about enhancing access. Look at how your
patrons use the collection. What types of questions are
they asking to locate things. How many hoops are you making
them jump through to find what they want? Maybe do an
informal survey of your patrons and ask them what they would
find most helpful.

Hope this helps!

Lori Stevens
Media Librarian
Utah Valley State College Library
Orem, Utah 84058

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>>> 10/24/03 09:14AM >>>
We have a staff member who wants to change our DVD
shelving. At this time,
we have our DVDs in security cases. Her complaint is that
the security
cases don't stand up well, the security cases make it too
difficult for
patrons and pages to read the dvd cases, and that the
security cases take up
too much room, which we are running out of. Her solution
is to double
shelve - Number the dvds adn discs, put the empty dvd cases
on the shelves,
and store the discs in envelopes/folders in numerical
order. - which take up
so much less space. We used to do this for videos - have
the sleeves out on
the floor, and the videos in closed access. We stopped,
because of lack of
space, and it also created double work. Our collection is
only going to
grow, which does make space a problem, but this is only a

Along with the fact, that this will mean more handling of a
format that is
already proven to be fragile, does anyone have any
arguments against this,
or am I alone in thinking that this just isn't a good idea
for a growing

Another thing this staff member wants to do is interfile
all children's and
adult ficiton and nonfiction. Our collection is entirely
in Adult Services,
but I have the Adult Fiction and Nonfiction separate, and
Fiction, Holiday, and Nonfiction separate. Of course, I
was going by how
people ask for videos, the audience levels, and the
arrangement of books in
the Children's department, but again, I could be really

Sorry if this sounds like a rant. (well, it is, kind of.)
I have meeting
with this staff member and our assistant director about
this on Tuesday
morning, so any help by then would be really appreciated.

Becky Tatar
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Aurora Public Library
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