Re: Re: [Videolib] Just to depress you guys

Karen Fischer (
24 Oct 2003 15:15:43 GMT

If the "FISH" people have changed their attitude about libraries circulating a
copy of their video it's been within the past year. We tried to buy a copy
last year and we were told that we could only use it for library staff, not
circulate it to the public. They were really nasty about it.
I think it is short sighted of them, if they dropped the price a little and
promoted it to libraries they'd probably sell lots of copies and the big
corporations would buy it from them anyway. The small places that would
borrow it from the library can't afford to buy it.
And the book is reasonably priced and readily available to anyone! So why
is the video so special?

Karen Fischer
AV Librarian
Mansfield Richland County Public Library
Mansfield, OH

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